My Wardrobe Essentials*

My photo diary of my trip to New York will be coming soon, but in the meantime, I want to share some of the items of clothing that I took with me. As the title suggests these are the items that I consider to be my wardrobe essentials and the items that I always have on hand when I need an outfit I feel comfortable in.

Favourite Posts No1

I love reading other blogger's round up posts and while I may not do them regularly (I have a terrible memory) I think they are a great way of sharing some blog love and posts that made me laugh, smile or just left me with a genuine fuzzy feeling.

Celebrating with Bakerdays*

Recently I found out what all my grades were for my third year of university. If the results were good I would be celebrating and it would be a quiet one as we were off to NYC the following day and you can read my NYC bucket list for all the details about that trip. Or I would be drowning myself in a vat of self-pity. Either way, cake is an important part of this day and thanks to the lovely people at Bakerdays I was suitably prepared.

Seashells and Candles*

I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to shiny things and candles. Shells are also a bit of a weakness - weird considering I'm allergic to shellfish - but I just find them really pretty. This is where Woodpecker & Weasel* comes in. Clare makes candles and dishes from oyster and scallop shells which she has kindly sent me for review.

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